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Graphic walls and ceiling

Nowadays, printing on ceiling and wall canvases is trendy, which is not accidental.

It is guaranteed that every person who walks inside a room with a print in it (print of any type you choose), will be astonished and pleasantly surprised.

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We like stretch ceilings as much as we like movies, so here we go: Our own video channel!

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“Popcorn” ceilings: What is the way to remove them and change for an ecological material?

World Health Organization is more concerned nowadays than ever about the ecological aspect of decorating materials and their influence on people. There is a little number of decorating materials that do not allocate harmful substances, gases, dust, and toxic particles along with satisfying fire rating requirements, ecological production, distribution and utilization. All of the mentioned above characterizes stretch ceiling system from the positive perspective. Let's find out why and how “popcorn” ceilings need to be changed.

Why “popcorn” ceilings?

A “popcorn” ceiling is also known, as an acoustical ceiling was enormously popular in residential interior decorating of 1950s and 1960s. It's vast spread was based on several reasons. The first reason was it's low cost; secondly, the spray method was used for the installation, which was so fast. The third reason was that its texture hid all imperfections of the original ceiling.

Is your ceiling is a "pop-corn" ceiling?

  1. Was your house built before 1979?
  2. Is it of white color with a grain like structure?

How to get rid of a "popcorn" ceiling?

Only a licensed company can remove it, because it contains a harmful element - asbestos. The process takes time and money. Needless to say that it can be harmful. There is an alternative way to get rid of “popcorn” ceilings. It can simply disappear. Just contact NYCeiling, Inc.

We offer a simple solution, using the most advanced and innovative technology - stretch ceilings. Installation is fast, dust and noise free. Our professional team comes and covers your pop-corn ceiling with an amazing material with a great esthetic look.

All you do is just contact us by phone or through a contact form. We come at any time convenient for you.

What a “popcorn” ceiling can be changed for?

Nowadays one of the most ecological in production and installation decorating materials for walls and ceilings is a stretch ceiling system. There are two major textures, limitless color palette, the material is printable, which means you can place any image or photograph on the surface of your wall or ceiling, it supports all lighting schemes and fixtures that are available nowadays, all communications are hidden behind it and what is the most valuable – it looks amazing!

White matte stretch ceiling with LED lighting behind in the office A 3D print “Dark hole” with LED lighting in a living room White glossy stretch ceiling in bathroom

Our material visually changes the space, creates a clean modern look; it is a perfect material for a creative mind, can be used in any interior decorating style. It is used in residential and commercial facilities.

We find a solution for your ceiling!

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