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Translucent panels

There is nothing on your way in decorating a space nowadays.It becomes easier to create the most amazing and phenomenal interiors with modern technologies and decorating materials. A simple translucent wall panel can be a game changer in your room design.
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Our Video Channel

We like stretch ceilings as much as we like movies, so here we go: Our own video channel!

Thousands of views tell us we are on the right track. So, stay tuned we do updates almost every week. Your comments, likes and dislikes are welcome.

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4 steps to an ideal ceiling or wall

What is an ideal wall or ceiling? Should it be ecological? Impress you? Durable and maintenance free? Well, yes. And which is also very important - esthetically beautiful.

Most people consider their ceilings as a part of an interior worthless of their attention. But when the ceiling is done right, it changes ambience in your room as nothing else. If you consider your ceiling far from being ideal, please take a look at our portfolio.

Browse our portfolio

You will see photo and detailed description of our completed projects, as well as the video of creating some ideal ceilings from scratch.

Looking through the portfolio will inspire you on creating your own space in an apartment or a house. In case you liked much one of our ideas, can have it for yourself. You will also find different lighting solutions with modern LED lighting as well as with traditional lamps and chandeliers.

See the possibilities of combining those types

NYCeiling, Inc. specialty is innovative wall and ceiling covering as well as the lighting solutions for your interior. Translucent stretch ceilings or wall canvases create smooth and perfectly even surface. LED light hidden behind the solid color fabric or printed fabric will give your room an amazing and truly outstanding look, will produce ambience of unlike anything ever before. The spotlights and chandeliers will save your money and serve you thousands of hours.

By pressing the buttons defining light combinations in the room, you can virtually feel and see examples of using LED RGB light in a residential bedroom in Brooklyn, NY. This suspended black glossy ceiling panel is decorated with Swarovski crystals and surrounded by a white color glossy stretch ceiling.

No lighting / Natural lightingWhite LED light, Lamp OffWhite LED, Lamp On
Lamp OnBlue LED lighting, Lamp OffBlue LED lighting, Lamp On
Swarovski crystals OnGreen LED lighting, Lamp OffGreen LED lighting, Lamp On
Swarovski crystals & Lamp OnLED red lighting, Lamp OffLED red lighting, Lamp On

Where else can i see lighting examples?

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Please call us, or leave your contacts for us to contact you back. Our friendly representative will listen to you and in a professional manner will provide you with all necessary information, will give you an estimate and a time frame for your project. *Please be ready with the measurements of your site.


Our representative will come to your place to get the measurements and explore the site. A presentation of material samples and colors will be very helpful for you to realize the full potential of our product.


We will find a solution for your ceiling!

Our clients do not need to be experts in design, lighting, decorating materials or construction field. NYCeiling, Inc. takes care of all of the above and is ready to accomplish your ideas of an ideal ceiling or the whole space.

Customer's feedback

Good communication is the key. It made me easy to plan other contractors work. The phone calls were always answered and text messages returned.

The professional work ethics exceeded the expectations. Your tools were always clean and neatly stored in one place not to obstruct the work of others. After finishing work it was pleasant to see how thoroughly you cleaned the workspace.

Online videos played a great role in making the first decision to invite you for the job estimate. The choice fell on NYCeiling, Inc. because of a good personal contact.

Namely, your guys were able to attentively LISTEN to the client respecting his heeds. You answered client's question in humble and professional manner.

In short, the personal connection played the greatest role. Thank You.

Sergey D.

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