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Airports, train stations and bus terminals

The vast spaces of airports, train stations and bus terminals are the first to greet visitors. Their design has a huge impact on what visitors are going to think about the city or town they are about to see. The first impression is the strongest and it starts right at the station.

When you choose stretch ceilings for the walls and ceilings of an airport, bus terminal or train station, your visitors will appreciate and value the practical and aesthetic qualities of the material. Stretch ceilings offer a variety of ways to create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere, and waiting to catch a flight or train won't be as dull if there’s an original print on the ceiling or walls to catch the eye.

Qualities like durability, acoustical performance and aesthetics provide the perfect solution to the task of selecting a decorative material.

А 10-year warranty is provided to all of NYCeiling, Inc.’s corporate clients.

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