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Add.Info - Suspended ceilings in industrial facilities

Suspended ceilings in industrial facilities

Stretch ceilings are capable of improving a workplace in many ways at the same time. It is easy to hide any wires and devices behind a stretch ceiling and install as many light fixtures as required without ruining its flat surface. A stretch ceiling also increases the brightness of a room, absorbs sound waves and reduces echoing, all of which create a more comfortable work environment.

The material is flame-resistant, eco-friendly and long lasting.: Installation requires less time, preparation and use of energy and tools than other decorating materials.

The price of the material decreases the more square feet are covered, and it only takes 3 days max to install a 400 ft x 8 ft ceiling. In other words, it saves your business time and money without decreasing productivity.

А 10-year warranty is provided to all of NYCeiling, Inc.’s corporate clients.

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