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Our team

We frequently partner with interior designers on our projects. This helps not only to make the projects unique and individually oriented, but to maintain a harmonious combination of professional innovatione with any ideas a client may have already formed regarding an upcoming renovation.

Stretch ceiling and light fixture installation may seem fast and easy from our clients’ point of view, but it requires technical knowledge as well as careful and thoughtful preparatory work. A lot of tiny details are taken into consideration by our professional installers. Our installers develop their skills and knowledge by adhering to quality standards at the highest level, discovering new techniques and materials and mastering cutting-edge tools.

NYCeiling, Inc. aims to make a positive first impression for every client.

In photo: Alexander Laptseu (President, NYCeiling, Inc.)

We’re constantly improving our customer service skills with both corporate and private clientele to satisfy the highest standards.

You can always count on a consultation with professional, skilled personnel at a face-to-face meeting or right here on our web site.

We find a solution for your ceiling!

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