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Decoration of walls and ceilings/ stretch ceilings

About us - Our designers

Our designers

NYCeiling, Inc. cooperates with numerous interior designers based in Manhattan, Brooklyn, throughout the greater New York area and in other states.

Zoya L. - architect, interior designer


Gaussen H. - interior designer


Ken F. - interior designer


Zar Group, Inc. – New York, NY


Steve Eckdahl – architect, interior designer


To us, each designer we partner with means new ideas and an interesting dialogue.

If you are a designer or the representative of a design studio and would like to partner with us, please fill out our application form completely and e-mail your request for partnership to us.

A personnel manager will contact you shortly afterwards to discuss the individual terms and conditions of cooperation.

Our standards include meeting agreed-upon deadlines, overall customer support, constant feedback, and a personal approach to every project!

Our cutting-edge technology, terms and conditions, technical capabilities and pay rates satisfy the most demanding design geniuses, partners and their clients!

Partner with us right now!

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