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Innovative material and quality installation

Prompt installation, eco-friendly materials, unmatched versatility and the power to create unusual lighting and acoustical effects — all this is possible thanks to stretch ceilings from NYCeiling, Inc.

The versatility of our material enables us to create innovative design solutions, and installation by our qualified specialists makes your remodeling project quick and hassle-free.

Stretch ceilings are an ideal solution for people who want to establish a sophisticated lighting system, change the visual space of a room and bring to life bold ideas of shape, color, texture and style; as well as for those just looking for a simple but beautiful way to decorate a ceiling.

We find a solution for your ceiling!

Stretch ceiling materials

There are two types of materials used to make stretch ceilings: fabric and film. Each has its advantages, but both are eco-friendly and come in a wide assortmentof colors and textures.


Your ceiling in any color, texture and style

Using the variety of colors and textures of material and the option of printing images of any size and type on the stretch ceiling, our designers can harmonize your ceiling’s look and feel with the existing or planned décor of your interior. Choose your style and feel the difference!


Benefits of stretch ceilings

Stretch ceiling is the versatile, eco-friendly material of choice for modern designers looking to decorate sophisticated, multi-leveled ceilings or create eye-catching wall-mount boards.


Technical advantages of stretched ceilings

To create a long-lasting ceiling aesthetic while enhancing a room’s acoustics and lighting, nothing works like a stretch ceiling system from NYCeiling, Inc.


Stretch ceiling and lighting installation

Installation of the stretch ceiling and lighting system is carried out by our specialists at a time convenient for you with a minimum of noise and no dust or waste. This eliminates the need for complicated preparations — installation can take place even in a residence with mounted furniture or at equipped workplaces.



Free consultations

Any more questions? Our specialists are ready to provide professional consultations 24/7. We find a solution for your ceiling!


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