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Stretch ceiling is eco-friendly sustainable material

When you take a good care about environmental protection and creating a decent living area or working space, that wouldn't be harmful and unhealthy, you must know not only what the decorating material is made of, but it's sustainability level and advantages as well.

Material production

Fabric stretch ceilings are manufactured with unharmful natural resources only; film stretch ceiling is made of polyvinylchloride, thermo-plastic polymer, which manufacturing becomes more and more green and less harmful for the environment with every year.


The installation of stretch ceilings does not require water at all, and requires the least of electricity, which are a must in plaster, wallpaper, drywall or tile installation. The tools in their majority are mechanical and do not require electrical energy, made of wood, metal and pvc.

Absence of dust and building garbage during installation process, does not require a site preparation and it's further isolation for the working period. The installation is very safe, but still requires to follow basic safety rules on a working site.


Both, fabric and film ceilings are fire resistant, do not absorb odors and does not accumulate dust, safely hides lighting fixtures, ventilation, alarm, fire systems, saves energy inside the room and can be a great acoustical solution.
Fabric ceilings, besides that, pass through the airflow, that lets air circulate behind the canvas.

Stretch ceilings do not throw any harmful substances out that can hurt a home owner in his future life with the stretch ceilings. There is also a decent advantage, that stretch ceilings are mold resistant, which means that viruses and mold will not accumulate with time in your walls and ceilings.

All these consumer qualities let the stretch ceilings be one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly materials on the market, and become one of the most suitable material for home renovation or for a new project of a commercial or residential use.

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