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11 Sep, 2015

Stretch ceiling in the bathroom

Bathroom should be room. Cozy, bright and functional. Regardless of its size. Do you agree? And the ceiling in such an interior can be crucial! Let us tell you more about this! 

31 Aug, 2015

American Style (part 1)

Do it really exist? Is it possible to isolate it among the other interior styles? Disputes over the American style still persist. Determination is a waste of time. Now let's do something useful! In this article we will will try to explain how to create a truly modern American interior in your own home fast, cheap and easy!

18 Aug, 2015

Top 5 ideas on how to turn a loggia or a balcony in your favorite place, Games

No matter what size is your balcony or loggia. Just throw out all the trash from the apartment, and finally make even the smallest corner of your city cave to be cozy. Is it hard? Why not do it right now?! And we will show you 5 good ideas o how to use the vacated space.

26 Jun, 2015

Passage to the garden

Probably everyone who has small or large city apartments, at some point want to "drop everything" and run into the arms of nature. To the lake or the river, in the rocks or in the mountains, the desert or tropical forests. Рђ thought comes involuntarily: are you really comfortable in our rooms? Is it possible to make such a comfortable space to live without the desire to escape?

4 Jun, 2015

Light from inside

There are many reasons why the installation of chandeliers, lamps or embedded lamps on the ceiling is not possible. The lack of necessary communications, small ceiling height, fragility of ceiling covers, etc. But every problem has a solution! Want to know more about this first?

17 May, 2015

Easier than you can imagine

As someone great said - "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". Today we decided to remind you once again of all the advantages of a simple white ceiling.

10 May, 2015

Problematic ceilings

If you believe that the non-standard form of the ceiling - it's a problem, we can easily convince you to the opposite! After all, the "cons" of your ceiling can become the starting point for the new design concept of the whole interior! Seems unbelievable? Then read up our article to the end!

30 Apr, 2015

Make a stylish ceiling: mission is possible

For all those who are just now thinking about how to renovate your ceiling following the trends of 2015, we wrote an overview of the most striking ideas for renovation in our opinion! Let's start.

2 Mar, 2015

Spirit of France in the same style (part 1)

Provence - this style of design has become the hallmark of France. For someone - a romance, for someone - the comfort of home, for someone else - a hot summer vacation, but in any case, as well as other interior style, it becomes a lifestyle for its owner. To learn how to create Provence style in your house, read our article.

23 Jan, 2015

10 Ideas for ceiling in children room or nursery

The first own room for a baby should be amazing and unique. Do you agree? We collected for you 10 ideas on how the ceiling in the nursery can transform an ordinary room into the most favorite game world for your child!
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