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Decoration of walls and ceilings/ stretch ceilings

About us

17 Apr, 2012

How to become our partner?

To become an NYCeiling, Inc. partner anywhere in the world, please fill out the following application form completely and e-mail your request for partnership to us. A personnel manager will contact you shortly afterwards to discuss the individual terms and conditions of cooperation. Our standards include meeting agreed-upon deadlines, overall customer support, constant feedback, and a personal approach to every...

16 Apr, 2012

Our team

We frequently partner with interior designers on our projects. This helps not only to make the projects unique and individually oriented, but to maintain a harmonious combination of professional innovatione with any ideas a client may have already formed regarding an upcoming renovation. Stretch ceiling and light fixture installation may seem fast and easy from our clients’ point of view, but it requires technical knowledge as well as careful and thoughtful preparatory work. A lot of tiny details are...

9 Jan, 2012

We find a solution for your ceiling!

NYceiling, Inc., Industry Partner of ASID, is a modern company with a fresh outlook on remodeling and interior design. It is run by Alexander Laptseu and his partners, who have ten years of experience in the field in New York City.Our specialization is innovative wall and ceiling covering and acoustical treatment.Stretch ceiling is a sustainable, eco-friendly, affordable and innovative material for creating a unique interior design and atmosphere in both residential spaces (bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, hallways, etc.) and commercial buildings (restaurants, hotels, offices, hospitals, etc.).NYCeiling, Inc., Industry Partner of ASID, offers a range of stretch material, both fabric and film, that are great alternative to traditional types of decorating materials (plaster, drywall, wood, marble, etc.). Stretch ceilings can also be used for acoustical treatment and lighting design purpose.In other words, we can make your space beautiful and — if you wish — quiet.
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