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Stretch ceiling material is non-toxic and environmentally safe for the whole period of use.

Its surface remains unchanged — does not warp, fade or loosen — and comes with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty.

In the past, humanity exploited nature without concern for its future. Now, more and more people are taking the opposite stance and choosing an eco-friendly, sustainable way of life.

We all want to drink pure water, eat healthy food and breathe clean air. We want to live in green homes and use natural energy sources — such as wind, solar and hydro power — that don’t pollute our planet.

Unlike other decorating materials, stretch ceilings comply with strict sanitation and ecological requirements at all stages of production.

Eco-friendly manufacturing

Stretch ceiling manufacturers use natural energy resources, such as solar power, to ensure a low carbon footprint. All wastewater goes through state-of-the-art filtration systems before it is drained off.

Sustainable installation

The installation of stretch ceilings does not require water and uses less electricity than plaster, wallpaper, drywall or tile installation. Most of the tools are manual and made of wood, metal or PVC.

Safe and eco-friendly for the long haul

Many decorating and building materials emit harmful substances as they deteriorate, as well as becoming favorable environments for viruses, bacteria and mold.

Stretch ceiling technology is the complete opposite. It stays unchanged during the long-term exploitation period (15-20 years). What’s more, it doesn’t accumulate static electricity or absorb moisture, stays dust-free, is mold- and fire-resistant and holds a fire certificate.

Ecological use

Sstretch ceilings are completely recyclable, and our installation process ensures that no material is wasted.

And these aren’t the only advantages of the material we’ve chosen for decorating residential and commercial buildings.

A 10-year manufacturer's warranty comes with all ceilings installed by NYCeiling, Inc.

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