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Stretch ceiling in the basement

All homeowners make a rational decision about a 100% usage of their basement space. That is why gyms, karaoke bars, home theaters, billiards rooms, yoga rooms appear in basements.

To make a room cozy and comfortable without natural lighting and low ceilings, higher humidity level, is not an easy task. Every basement has one major concern - lack of lighting; this factor adds a lot of weight to its ambience.

Major technical advantages are:
  • mold does not grow on it
  • holds water in case of flood
  • hides all communications
  • works well with all lighting fixtures
  • fire retardant
Major esthetic advantages:
  • visually expands space
  • smooth glossy reflective surface
  • makes your ambience airy and clear

NYCeiling, Inc. has a brilliant solution for homeowners - glossy stretch ceilings. This would change your basement radically and for good. Stretch ceilings offer so many advantages either technical or esthetic.


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