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Acoustical treatment

The NYCeiling, Inc. stretched ceilings apply a special micro perforated fabric

that can change acoustic performance of the room if used with various sound absorbing materials.

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Casual Chic decorating

"Casual" in the interior - is a convenience, comfort, spontan and versaty. Simple details, textured elements, vintage and hand-made accessories...

If you want make an interior that will be reflect your individuality, it is your style!

The history of Casual style

Economical growth in 50's of 20th century in England formed a new generation of youth. Ambitious young men and women spent money not only modern trendy clothes, but also on fashionable interior decorating products of unusual for that time colors and format.

The second theory says it all started in Scandinavia, where people found a balanced way of look and practicality in their daily life.As for today, Casual style in interior is a big design trend, a way of life perception and it is possible to say a subculture.

Sensuality and vigor, combination of incongruous, refuse of rules and restrictions - it's all Casual style.

How to create casual style in your interior?

The major principal is rejecting of stereotypes, but following the spirit of democracy, creation of comfort and practicality just the way you see it.

Natural materials and fabric, calm horizontal lines, minimum of gloss, textured elements, soft bedding colors. Wrought iron, antique brass, vintage or hand-made decorative pieces, pottery and furniture of different styles... All is suitable for this style.

Casual style - fashion with no rules, which you can follow without spending lots of money.

Your personality would be the starting point!

As we already know, Casual style does not require a lot of money and to prove the point you can do the following - use old incongruous things for creating a new hand made accessory:anything works - collect all books, pillows, boxes, souvenirs, antiques in one corner.

An old candle holder is transformed into a modern table lamp, a glass placed on top of four piles of books becomes an improvised coffee table, a flower bed can be made out of beer mug.

Casual interior styles may remind a French country style. That is why soft bedding colors are easily interconnected with bright pattern, colorful walls or carpets, textured material is combined with a smooth fabric surface and so on.

Furniture in Casual interior

The furniture should be soft and cozy, usually huge and placed in a free order - shuffled across the room or house - for your convenient use and should not come necessarily from the same set.

Use solid wood in combination with soft matte finish surfaces. Try to use natural non glossy fabrics.

Floor and walls

When you choose Casual interior design, it opens opportunities for you to feel as a true artist, the creator of your living space. Walls of your rooms will become a canvas and background for interior accessories and furniture pieces.

Some choose all white, some brave choose a contrast palette. For those with love to modern green sustainable technologies we have many options to offer by using stretch ceilings and sustainable LED lighting.

A stretch ceiling or wall can be a printed surface with any image you choose, the whole wall or ceiling can become a source of ambient lighting as well . The whole surface is lit from behind that creates an unforgettable ambience in your room.

Flooring is pretty simple. You can choose a wooden flooring, wood imitation or a carpet. Try to avoid using wall to wall carpets, rather, use small zonal carpets with ethnic or bright and original patterns.

Stretch ceiling and lighting in Casual interior design

As for any other interior decorating style use lots of light. Ambient general lighting and zonal, functional lighting, for reading books, for a chatting and hanging with friends, for a working zone.

It can be floor lamps, wall lamps, spotlights, LED strip lighting, candle imitation, etc.

Casual interior style is very flexible and tends to change its appearance more often than any other style. Changing the look of the ceiling will take the least amount of money and time if you choose sustainable stretch ceiling system for your interior decoration.

Fabric seamless stretch wall covering in living room with print


Glossy stretch ceiling color of kitchen cabinets


French solid white color glossy stretch ceiling in corridor

The ceiling should be a matte smooth light tone solid color finish. We recommend to use our seamless architectural fabric stretch ceilings with very affordable acoustical treatment.

Our designer's recommendation is to print a light tone pattern on the ceiling edges and highlight it with LED strip lighting.

Casual interior style is very flexible and tends to change its appearance more often than any other style. Changing the look of the ceiling will take the least amount of money and time if you choose sustainable stretch ceiling system for your interior decoration.

All advantages of this material work great for the benefit of your interior and long term budgeting!

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