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Translucent panels

There is nothing on your way in decorating a space nowadays.It becomes easier to create the most amazing and phenomenal interiors with modern technologies and decorating materials. A simple translucent wall panel can be a game changer in your room design.
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Our Video Channel

We like stretch ceilings as much as we like movies, so here we go: Our own video channel!

Thousands of views tell us we are on the right track. So, stay tuned we do updates almost every week. Your comments, likes and dislikes are welcome.

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Turn-key remodeling

In addition to the specialized services related to procurement and installation of stretched ceilings, NYCeiling, Inc. offers turn-key remodeling services to its clients to repair their private apartments and houses as well as offices and manufacturing premises, from creating concept design to complete project implementation.

What are the advantages of complete renovation from NYCeiling, Inc.?

  • Designers develop the whole interior design concept after a detailed consultation with our client, who can see a 3D digital model on early stages of the project and correct it. Interior designer has also recommendations on furniture, lighting concept and decor objects.
  • NYCeiling, Inc. provides complete technical paperwork, working calendar, full expenses list.
  • Right after accepting all rules, regulations and agreements NYCeiling, Inc. team starts the work on the project immediately: buys all necessary supplies for renovation and decor and makes the delivery.
  • The completion of the project is always due on the agreed by both sides working calendar date.
  • The final step is construction garbage removal and cleaning of the project spot.

When you come to us you get the complete set of remodeling services to repair apartments, houses and other premises on the rims because the cost of work depends only on your preferences.

We offer a wide range of renovation services with minimal expenses, because the price is formed based only on your wishes:

  • Full range of services from NYCeiling, Inc.
  • Estimate and design documentation of the project
  • Making contracts
  • Free professional support and consultation
  • Consideration of different design styles in interior design development of the project
  • Material selection and delivery
  • Tile works
  • Flooring

By signing a contract with NYCeiling, Inc., you pay only for a fixed and minimum required amount of materials and provided services. You save money and time rather than doing all works by yourself and loosing time and money.

Quality assurance

The quality of our services allows us to give one year warranty for all work done within the framework of the repair to every Client we have.

To have your space renovated starts with the first call to NYCeiling, Inc. office, say about your desires and plans, the rest is done by our professional team.

We will find a solution not only for your ceiling!

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