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Translucent panels

There is nothing on your way in decorating a space nowadays.It becomes easier to create the most amazing and phenomenal interiors with modern technologies and decorating materials. A simple translucent wall panel can be a game changer in your room design.
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Installation of lighting for stretch ceiling

Lighting fixtures are installed fast with the usage of stretch ceiling covering, but careful consideration of the light design and concept is needed beforehand. For this reason we offer you to get acquainted with basic rules of lighting design.

By pressing the buttons defining light combinations in the room, you can virtually feel and see examples of using LED RGB light.

White LED light, Lamp Off White LED, Lamp On
Lamp On Blue LED lighting, Lamp Off Blue LED lighting, Lamp On
Swarovski crystals On Green LED lighting, Lamp Off Green LED lighting, Lamp On
Swarovski crystals & Lamp On LED red lighting, Lamp Off LED red lighting, Lamp On

Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is a classic variant, that is what you get used to see in all buildings and apartments. Pendant lamps, chandeliers, basically all kind of ceiling mounted light fixtures. It may be both uniform and accented (some areas need more illumination due to different utility purposes). It radiates a decent level of brightness that allows you to see and operate comfortably under this general lighting fixture with absence of natural light.

Usage of ambient lighting (1 and 3) and combination of general and peripheral lighting (spotlights along the perimeter -2).

Ceiling and wall mountable spotlights (LED-lights)

Accent ceiling lighting is becoming more popular as a companion of general ambient lighting. It gives you more light in the room as well as accents the focal zones.

Spotlights can use both: halogens (1) and LED (2) technology. There are many decorating solutions for spotlights made of glass, colored plastic, metal. The assortment is constantly growing, and technology is developing, that makes them modern and more energy efficient.

Accent type of lighting fixtures are also interesting in their usability, as they can refract the light beam (3), direct the light (2,6), scatter light (4,5) or change it's tone (1), by creating a necessary effect or ambience.

Interior designers use spotlights not only for the ceiling. Walls, staircases, steps even floors become a part of interior designers' lighting concepts.

For premises with high humidity level (bathrooms, pools), you need to pick suitable water resistant spotlights. You have to consider labeling ( IP-44 and higher: first letter stands for dust protection, second - water resistance), moreover, buy spotlights with a watertesistant modification: with a glass made partition and silicon laying.

There is a catalogue of spotlights

LED strip lighting

This type is used for creation of the most fascinating lighting variant. LED strip is a great compliment to a stretch ceiling of any shape and type: the strip is compact, installed fast, energy efficient and has a long lasting exploitation period. LED strip is very flexible and can take any shape and form or fit into tiny spaces.

Another LED strip advantage is it's impermeability. It gives an opportunity to use LED strip in premises with different humidity level; along with that it transforms an ordinary room with mediocre ambience into a room with a character.

LED strips are also used for creation of light boxes - a technique of spreading an even amount of light on the whole surface of stretch ceiling canvas. The most fascinating effect exposes on stretch ceilings with a print (1, 2, 3) on it or LED strips with changing lights - please, have look on actual video presentation.

Starry sky

Modern technologies always serve wishes of customers. Starry sky technology is an unbelievable achievement in interior design and decorating field for residential and commercial usage. It can be done in several ways: a combination of stretch ceilings and optical fiber (2, 4), a canvas with a print on it in combination with optical fiber (1), optical fiber an ambient LED lighting (1).

There is another way to inhale life in light on a stretch ceiling. There is a fabric with small shiny particles scattered on the surface, that reflects the light and adds so much action and liveliness to a ceiling or a wall. The accent lighting fixtures, in this case, can be located on walls and throw light on the stretch ceiling.

With no doubt, the most efficient and practical way to light the room is to combine different types of lighting in one whole lighting composition. This will give you an opportunity to manipulate the ambience at night, and even, day time.

NYCeiling, Inc. designers are looking forward to help you in creation fascinating and, at the same time, practical light design concepts; all necessary lighting fixtures, supplies for a perfect light scheme will be selected by our specialists.

We find a solution for your ceiling!

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