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Graphic walls and ceiling

Nowadays, printing on ceiling and wall canvases is trendy, which is not accidental.

It is guaranteed that every person who walks inside a room with a print in it (print of any type you choose), will be astonished and pleasantly surprised.

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Our Video Channel

We like stretch ceilings as much as we like movies, so here we go: Our own video channel!

Thousands of views tell us we are on the right track. So, stay tuned we do updates almost every week. Your comments, likes and dislikes are welcome.

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Ceilings with complex geometry

When a high number of corners, walls and inclined surfaces make classical decorating techniques impossible, risky or simply ineffective, stretch ceilings come to the rescue.


The stretch ceiling canvas is so flexible that it can take any form—arched, multi-faceted, angular, multi-level or 3 dimensional— without risk of cracking or peeling.

  • Leveling a ceiling or mounting on an inclined surface.

  • Paralleling inclined surfaces, angles and ceiling level differences

  • Due to the simple construction of stretch ceilings, tracks and canvases can be joined in many ways, creating surfaces of any geometric form , independent of the existing walls or ceilings.

You can change a ceiling or a wall’s geometry by using visual effects.

Fabric stretch ceiling installation

Seamless fabric canvas is stretched and fixed in tracks, mounted along the ceiling’s perimeter. The professionalism of the installers determines the lifespan of stretch ceilings in many ways. Read more>>>

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