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Translucent panels

There is nothing on your way in decorating a space nowadays.It becomes easier to create the most amazing and phenomenal interiors with modern technologies and decorating materials. A simple translucent wall panel can be a game changer in your room design.
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Stretch film ceiling

Film stretched ceilings are made of the PVC film, which is the material based on polyvinylchloride. These ceilings are installed by the thermal shrinkage technique (the air inside the room is heated to stretch the film and fix it to the fixing profiles). Unlike fabric stretched ceilings, film stretched ceilings have a wider variety of textures: mat, glossy, sateen, and "chameleon".

Film of the stretched ceilings has the following advantages:

Material eco-friendliness and safety

Installation of the film stretched ceilings does not require fresh water (unlike plastered ceilings); however, it will require energy because gas heating equipment (gas guns) is used to heat the ceiling sheet.


This material is fire-safe, it does not absorb odors, and it reliably covers the systems of lighting, ventilation, burglar and fire alarms. Fungus and mold-proof. Due to these specifications, film stretched ceilings can be installed both in habitable rooms and in industrial premises, for example, in educational establishments.

Despite polyvinylchloride (PVC) is a thermoplastic polymer, its current manufacturing gets eco-friendly more and more on an annual basis.


Versatile applications

The canvas of the film stretched ceiling is so elastic that is can take absolutely any geometrical and spatial form, which enables to create a futuristic third-dimensional ceiling surface.


The material is designed for various room microclimate conditions. It is not affected by sharp temperature and humidity drops, it has high temperature and acoustic insulation properties, and thanks to that film stretched ceilings can be installed in swimming pools, classes and other rooms of special environmental requirements.

Due to width limitations of the canvas (up to 3.2 meters), film stretched ceilings can have a 1-2 mm weld line. However, the mirror effect will make the weld line practically invisible. Latex film, which also belongs to the PVC canvas family, is installed without weld lines and does not require heating of the room air.

Satisfies any taste, color preferences and designer’s whims

Film stretched ceiling has a glossy surface with the mirror (reflecting) effect. Low or narrow rooms can apply such ceilings to make the space visually wider and even change its geometry.


Thanks to the wide selection of colors and textures (mat, glossy, sateen, and "chameleon") you can implement your bravest ideas! And our designers will help you choose style for harmonious combination of the decor with the other items of the interior.

Combination of various types of lighting and a possibility to photoprint pictures can change visual perception of the room’s space, establish a special environment and unite the interior zones into a single composition.


Prompt stretched ceiling and lighting installation

Only a few hours of work without construction waste and dust will make changes of your ceiling transparent and nice. Previously prepared fabric and necessary equipment are delivered to the installation site by the employees of NYCeiling, Inc. And after the fixing profiles are installed on perimeter, the material is first heated and then stretched to the required size, and then it is fixed.

Film stretched ceilings are installed with the help of special fan heaters, and that is why safety precautions must be taken; that is why it is better to trust professionals to install it!


Easy to care, and working lifespan is under warranty

Practically, it is not necessary to take care of the film stretched ceilings. Dirty markings can be washed out by a soft cloth soaked in warm soap solution or a 10 percent ammonia solution followed by polishing (dry cloth or flannel swap) to make the surface glitter again.

Despite durability and wear resistance of the material, you should avoid using any sharp or cutting tools, abrasives, aggressive washing substances containing acetone, kerosene and various solvents.


All ceilings installed by NYCeiling, Inc. are covered with a 10 year warranty and free maintenance in case of defects for which you are not liable: ponding by the upstairs neighbors and removing of the entrained water, fabric hanging-down, and defects of the fixing equipment.

Interesting facts

Main criterion to choose your film stretched ceiling is the mirror effect (reflection) that can visually widen even the narrowest or the lowest room.

The stretched ceiling will not only protect you from falling plaster but from water drained from the upper floors thus shielding your expensive interior by seizing the entire volume of water (up to 100 liters per square meter of the stretched ceiling).

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