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Graphic walls and ceiling

Nowadays, printing on ceiling and wall canvases is trendy, which is not accidental.

It is guaranteed that every person who walks inside a room with a print in it (print of any type you choose), will be astonished and pleasantly surprised.

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Our Video Channel

We like stretch ceilings as much as we like movies, so here we go: Our own video channel!

Thousands of views tell us we are on the right track. So, stay tuned we do updates almost every week. Your comments, likes and dislikes are welcome.

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Top 5 ideas on how to turn a loggia or a balcony in your favorite place, Games

No matter what size is your balcony or loggia. Just throw out all the trash from the apartment, and finally make even the smallest corner of your city cave to be cozy. Is it hard? Why not do it right now?! And we will show you 5 good ideas o how to use the vacated space.

Of course, some people will say that we should not waste time to invent something unreal or cool for such a secondary room. Because kitchen, living room, bedroom, kids, even the bathroom are much more important. But is it not nice to have a well conceived interior everywhere? Where even a small area is cozy, well decorated and serves some purpose?

1. Relax room

For example, you want so often escape from the bustle of the city, but you can't. And we say yes, you can! To your own balcony! Why not? Let this place completely dedicated to the production of your own buzz without drugs and adrenaline from extreme life-threatening things.

Do you like to repose on the sand and get sun bath - make a sand floor and buy solar lamps, so that even in the rain and snow you have a piece of a beach near you.

Do you like to stretch legs on pillows and watch soap operas - buy the biggest mattress and lots of pillows, hang a big screen on the wall and enjoy fresh air flow hearing dialogues of your favorite movie stars. As you can see - there is lot of options for your imagination!

2. Home Botanical Garden

To get more oxygen and humidity in a sweltering and dry city apartment you can install your own botanical garden. If space permits - buy a comfortable garden furniture.

And for those who loves animals - it is strongly recommended to get in a makeshift garden a songbird or an aquarium with fishes.

By the way, stretch ceilings do not condense humidity even in most wet rooms and preserve their color and structure.

3. Own gym

There is healthy mind in a healthy body. If you practice at least 10 minutes every morning - you can stop counting calories and eat delicious food freely!

In other words, balcony or loggia is the perfect place for training equipment, yoga or gymnastics.

4. Room for games

In order to make the balcony or loggia game of course will have to solve a lot of questions to provide basic security, but it's worth it! Even a small space can come up with a mass of fascinating role-playing games.

In addition, you solve the problem of toys spreading throughout your house. Now they will have their place!

5. Place for creativity and inspiration

Not everyone who loves space eventually become astronaut. Each person has at least one, or even more hobbies. And you need space for your hobbies. A balcony or loggia are well suited for this purpose and there the decor of the ceiling can play a crucial role too.

For example, you love passionately comics - so convert your balcony into a place for relaxing view and beautiful storage for them, and apply to the ceiling a favorite comics' passage. Or if you want to seriously engage yourself in the study of space, you take a telescope and turn the balcony into a mini observatory. Especially for cloudy evenings and nights "light up" your ceiling with an artificial starry sky.

In any case, if you decide to change something - please call us. Our designers will help you to find the most suitable architectural and design solutions for your balcony or loggia!

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