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Translucent panels

There is nothing on your way in decorating a space nowadays.It becomes easier to create the most amazing and phenomenal interiors with modern technologies and decorating materials. A simple translucent wall panel can be a game changer in your room design.
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Trends in high definition digital printing (part 2)

Stretch ceilings printing - further information.

Classic style is always in the trend

Printed stretch ceiling and wall panels depicting art work and engravings of empire, renaissance, baroque, classicism epochs are commonly used in the related interior styles.

It is possible to cover the whole wall or a ceiling with a high definition printed canvas or put as an accent a light box, not bigger than an ordinary piece of an art work, install a decorative ceiling edging or a chandelier necklace.

National symbol and ornament prints on the ceiling

All traditional methods of putting up a ceiling or a wall panel that images national and traditional culture is a laborious activity. Selecting a contemporary and more cost effective materials and methods may be a smarter investment.

Two or three traditional moroccan or asian ornaments properly laid out and printed on a stretch ceiling or a printed mosaic pattern can help you reach the goal with a reasonable budget and save your time.

Create multiple ceiling levels with different patterns for a stronger visual impact.

Multilevel ceilings are very popular among designers specializing in moroccan, gothic and country styles.


We discussed this topic before, but the demand for the space theme is growing. We will be offering more variants for you as the time goes by. There are a few ways to make starry sky and night landscapes work for your benefit.

The most cost effective way is a high definition digital printing on a stretch ceiling or wall panel. This can be a starry sky city landscape, an image of a starry sky, magnified image of a space nebula or a stars and galaxies space sky scape interpretation.

City within a city

Not all city dwellers like calm and order. Some love to enjoy the view of a city scape and soak in it's bursting energy Bridges, streets, sky scrappers at day and night, wealthy and poor neighborhoods of new York and other cities of USA - a favorite topic in creating wall panels and ceiling prints.

A wall panel with a view on a busy street or a bird view of Manhattan, Hudson river, or a graffiti wall enhances your space and visually expands it.

At night with the turned LED lighting on behind it becomes an additional ambient lighting source beaming contrast colors and lights into the room. It is surprisingly easy to fit this kind of images into any contemporary style: minimalism, casual, art deco, eclectic...

Summing up

Trends will stay trends, while presence of the home owners' individuality makes an interior special and the most important - unique. You can guide yourselves using the information we are sharing or find the inspiration on your own. We are here to make your interior reality! Call us today.

Root Article: Trends in high definition digital printing

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