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There is nothing on your way in decorating a space nowadays.It becomes easier to create the most amazing and phenomenal interiors with modern technologies and decorating materials. A simple translucent wall panel can be a game changer in your room design.
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Suspended panels installation. Harley Davidson showroom in Manhattan. 378 Broadway NY, NY 100013

Suspended panels are a perfect tool for hiding away fire suppression piping, communication wiring, electric cables and attracting amazed looks of the visitors White smooth surface, ideal geometry - a perfect background for such a produce presentation The accessory department has the same suspended panels to connect it with the rest of the show room and make it look united Glossy surface creates an effect of a panel soaring in zero gravity Potential clients are gathering on the floor at the grand opening ceremony Glossy white finish of suspended panels visually expands the space and raises the ceiling The second level of the show room is decorated with the same type of glossy suspended panels Suspended ceilings draw away the customers' attention from fixtures and bracings. We can see a new motorcycle hanging on an exhibition platform Благодаря белому цвету натяжных панелей помещение не кажется темным и мрачным, хотя стены и пол выполнены в черном цвете с элементами оранжевого Traditional simple geometry of the glossy suspended panels makes the interior look lively and energetic Soon in this showroom will feature the best motorcycles Harley Davidson In the middle of work. Amazing mirror effect Seamless high gloss stretch ceiling material NYCeiling, Inc. president Aliaksandr Laptseu is meeting the requirements right on the spot. NYCeiling, Inc. president Aliaksandr Laptseu is meeting the requirements right on the spot.

Suspended stretch ceiling panels in Harley Davidson showroom. 378 Broadway NY, NY 100013

DateNovember 2013
Decor ObjectSuspended panels, 700 sq. ft.
Photo Printno
Size28’ x 11’
Project Time Frame16 hours
Difficulty Level
Ceiling texturehigh gloss
Type of Trackceiling type

The new Harley-Davidson of NYC will be a flagship downtown/Soho location for the classic American motorcyle company. Within this urban context, the space aims to reintroduce the brand to a new audience, appealing to New Yorkers and visitors alike. 

The two level space will contain a selection of bikes with an emphasis on vintage customs and lighter sportier models more appropriate for city rides.

Interactive experiences include a bike customization station, tour mapping and ride simulations. Lounges and a coffee bar aim to provide for a low pressure sales environment allowing visitors to familiarize themselves with the updated brand at their own pace.


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