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Graphic walls and ceiling

Nowadays, printing on ceiling and wall canvases is trendy, which is not accidental.

It is guaranteed that every person who walks inside a room with a print in it (print of any type you choose), will be astonished and pleasantly surprised.

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Glossy solid white color stretch ceilings in "Halo Group" office

Decor Objectceiling, 124 sq. ft.
Photo Printno
Project Value---
Project Time Frame---
Difficulty Level
MaterialPVC (France)
Ceiling textureglossy
Type Of TrackPVC ceiling type

The client is a modern and rapidly developing New York full service advertising agency and brand marketing company. They gave us a simple task to fix several areas in their two level office to match the overall design concept. We used a modern technology - stretch ceilings, to create something simple but trendy and clean looking.

There were several material textures were offered, the client chose glossy solid color film.

The ceiling in the reception corridor, due to it's glossy surface, reflects light and adds additional volume effect.

From technical point of view, it was a simple installation. Need to say, there were few interesting minor details, shifting level of fire alarm detectors, automatic door opener detector and sprinkler system.

Customer's Feedback

The choice fell on NYCeiling, Inc. based on few major factors. First i was interested in was the price, and they offered a very reasonable estimate and а way affordable price - that was a good start.

The personal communication was another supporting argument. They came and in a professional manner explained to me what needed to be replaced and what could be fixed. As a result everything happened to be just as they told me.

The job was relatively small and there was a minor compromise with the buildings insurance reads, but it was resolved fast with no delay to the work flow.

The overall performance is outstanding. A great job, very well done.

Rocco P.


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