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Translucent panels

There is nothing on your way in decorating a space nowadays.It becomes easier to create the most amazing and phenomenal interiors with modern technologies and decorating materials. A simple translucent wall panel can be a game changer in your room design.
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A small room, but harmonious environment Perfect match of colors, light and objects Stretch ceiling fits perfectly into the overall concept of the room and implemented style solutions Stretch ceiling with mirror effect visually increases space New interior of Michael Kors store will be surprise and delight its first customers soon! Along the perimeter of the light panel, that illuminates the central part of the Michael Kors store, have been installed the built-in ceiling lights. To make purchases at this bright store is a big pleasure! Showroom fully illuminated after installing the led-backlight and transparent stretched ceiling ___ Combination the lighting with a ceiling decor is a very good idea! White interior - white ceiling! ...and perfectly illuminates the reception! looks like an art object... Semi-translucent suspended panel deals with two goals White stretch ceiling reflects and evenly distributes the artificial light in the hall of the restaurant Dreamlike atmosphere! White stretch ceiling perfect backdrop for furniture and refined decor Simple geometry and clean lines. Exquisite result! In the small hall of the restaurant used the same white stretch ceiling. However, it looks different! The technology of stretch ceilings allows to easily hide all engineering communication Thanks to printing on stretched canvas, designer have created the perfect backdrop for a luxury chandelier Perfect snow white stretch ceiling makes the interior of restaurant airy and weightless Museum visitors think it's expensive designer lamps. While a stretched ceiling with concealed lighting can be installed in any home interior! Thanks to the technology stretch ceilings designer was able to achieve double effect: find an original way to decorate the stair space and add light! Translucent light panels perfectly fit into the minimalist interior of the museum This stairs become a real art object due to original idea of lighting By this way, it is a white ceiling and a bright pink color which consolidated bedroom and bathroom space in a harmonious interior. Bedroom designer chose the same fabric - white glossy stretch ceiling. But in this room the ceiling performs another task: the reflection of light and creation a soft cozy atmosphere. Glossy white stretch ceiling is ideal for bathrooms in bright contrasting colors. The interior is finally complete with a well balanced union of walls and the ceiling A sufficient ambient lighting consists of the combination of properly located LED strips and spot lights Backlit squares are wood framed, that unites the ceiling design with the room decor LED strip light, running around the square panel, is reflected in a white glossy stretch ceiling, which adds up to an ambient lighting design in the room The unity of the light design is achieved by the LED strip lighting, running around the floor perimeter, spotlights and wall fixtures The ceiling reminds of a glowing cloud A backlit translucent stretch ceiling lights up the hall We have managed to create an amazing and functional decor element by using translucent stretch ceiling system that allowed us to integrate LED lighting, making an 18 feet wide suspended panel a wonderful ambient lighting source The conference hall can change due to possibility to adjust height and angle of the suspended panel UFO shape translucent suspended panel divides the conference hall from the rest office with its round shape and light Suspended panels are a perfect tool for hiding away fire suppression piping, communication wiring, electric cables and attracting amazed looks of the visitors White smooth surface, ideal geometry - a perfect background for such a produce presentation The accessory department has the same suspended panels to connect it with the rest of the show room and make it look united Glossy surface creates an effect of a panel soaring in zero gravity Potential clients are gathering on the floor at the grand opening ceremony Glossy white finish of suspended panels visually expands the space and raises the ceiling The second level of the show room is decorated with the same type of glossy suspended panels Suspended ceilings draw away the customers' attention from fixtures and bracings. We can see a new motorcycle hanging on an exhibition platform Благодаря белому цвету натяжных панелей помещение не кажется темным и мрачным, хотя стены и пол выполнены в черном цвете с элементами оранжевого Traditional simple geometry of the glossy suspended panels makes the interior look lively and energetic A glossy stretch ceiling with a neon lighting is installed in the main room of the barber The main room of the barber shop looks festive, cozy and bright through the proper chosen material and lighting. Spot lights and the chandelier are mounted in the stretch ceiling A sheetrock construction that frames the stretch ceiling hides a neon lighting and all the necessary wiring for the spot lights The final result is impressive: lighting, wall panels, ceiling with a 3D pattern. There is not a single irrelevant detail. The designer skillfully used 3D elements of the image for the walls decoration. Soon in this showroom will feature the best motorcycles Harley Davidson In the middle of work. Amazing mirror effect Seamless high gloss stretch ceiling material NYCeiling, Inc. president Aliaksandr Laptseu is meeting the requirements right on the spot. Printed stretch ceiling and walls create a perfect ambience for the exposition and a stunning visual background The view of the completed work of exposition You tend to believe that you are actually located in the wildlife mountains, rather than a man-made hunter's mansion, by looking at exposition of this wildlife installation. The gym is ready to receive clients! The key element (like a formula for success) of the project is the printable translucent stretch ceiling provided by NYCeiling, Inc. Stretch ceiling hid all imperfections of the existing ceiling and wire for the lighting fixtures High glossiness of the stretch ceiling made it look visually higher The color of the stretch ceiling was selected to match the walls. The interior design looks complete and laconic The gym looks vivacious and cozy at the same time, due to the pattern chosen here Despite a dark tone of the pattern, there is enough LED light to lit the whole surface of the translucent printable fabric Highlighted stretch ceiling canvases being reflected in the mirror create an amazing optical illusion of "airiness" of the ceiling Impeccable result of two day work - ceiling with inclined 45 degree surface with print “Abstraction” framed by fabric with shimmer effect installed Special tool – spatula is used to fix canvas in track Installation of ambient lighting fixture – pendant lamp An abstract image on the stretch ceiling became the point of inspiration for the whole design of the kitchen The view of the ceiling in the renovated interior Stretch wall panel with lighting on Stretch wall panel looks fabulous with natural lighting as well as with electrical The main goal is to expand the space and make it more open with the help of the printed stretch panel Blue back light highlights printed graphic the most LED lighting is controlled by iPad A light box with green backlight LED lighting was installed first Now we stretch translucent printable fabric A view of the chill out area The wall panels are also installed Now fantasy of homeowner will be unlimited - any color and any combination of colors One version of the combination of lighting Each lightbox can be programmed to glow in different colors Begin installation of stretch ceiling View of the premises with installed LED backlight Programming interface for home theater. Lighting Control menu on Ipad Programming interface for color light installations. Lighting Control menu on Ipad Installing foil to improve the reflectivity of the main ceiling The ceiling goes into the upper wall and was set up in one fabric without any separating profile The debris was removed and cleaning was made Now stretch ceiling looks like new! Balk glossy stretch ceiling is also used for the wall decoration (behind the decorative composition) Suspended panels look perfect both at night and day time. Natural and artificial lighting looks amazing on their smooth surface Besides, this suspended panels hide all communications from the clienteles' attentive view Besides, this suspended panels hide all communications from the clienteles' attentive view
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