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Translucent panels

There is nothing on your way in decorating a space nowadays.It becomes easier to create the most amazing and phenomenal interiors with modern technologies and decorating materials. A simple translucent wall panel can be a game changer in your room design.
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Stretch film ceiling

Film stretched ceilings are made of the PVC film, which is the material based on polyvinylchloride. These ceilings are installed by the thermal shrinkage technique (the air inside the room is heated to stretch the film and fix it to the fixing profiles). Unlike fabric stretched ceilings, film stretched ceilings have a wider variety of textures: mat, glossy, sateen, and "chameleon".

Color palette

In order to pick a color and ceiling texture (glossy, matte, satin), please use our catalogue and simple recommendations from our designers.

Graphic walls and ceiling

Nowadays, printing on ceiling and wall canvases is trendy, which is not accidental.It is guaranteed that every person who walks inside a room with a print in it (print of any type you choose), will be astonished and pleasantly surprised.

Ceilings with complex geometry

When a high number of corners, walls and inclined surfaces make classical decorating techniques impossible, risky or simply ineffective, stretch ceilings come to the rescue. 

Stretch ceiling is eco-friendly sustainable material

When you take a good care about environmental protection and creating a decent living area or working space, that wouldn't be harmful and unhealthy, you must know not only what the decorating material is made of, but it's sustainability level and advantages as well.

Technical specifications of stretched ceilings

And as any construction and decorative material, stretched ceilings have particular technical specifications the values of which are unchanged no matter what exploitation environment or the lifespan is.

Acoustical treatment

The NYCeiling, Inc. stretched ceilings apply a special micro perforated fabricthat can change acoustic performance of the room if used with various sound absorbing materials.

Installation of lighting for stretch ceiling

Lighting fixtures are installed fast with the usage of stretch ceiling covering, but careful consideration of the light design and concept is needed beforehand. For this reason we offer you to get acquainted with basic rules of lighting design.

Vinyl flooring: professional's advices

Home renovation projects that include flooring are particularly stressful because of all of the work it takes to find the right products that are easy to maintain over time. Value, safety and appearance are all concerns when considering applications like vinyl flooring. NYCeiling team works on many projects and collects information that is vital and very importnat to know for homeowners and contractors. In this article we share information on vinyl flooring written by Brian Turner.

Notice about pricing in left column

The total cost of the work may change because of: discounts, the cost of additional materials and components, as well as current special offers - see "News & Articles". We suggest you also read the description and conditions of warranty services from NYCeiling, Inc.
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