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Acoustical treatment

The NYCeiling, Inc. stretched ceilings apply a special micro perforated fabric

that can change acoustic performance of the room if used with various sound absorbing materials.

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Stretch ceiling in the Kitchen

The kitchen in comparison with other rooms has a number of specific peculiars, that make the use of the stretch ceilings in their decoration just an inevitable solution in material choice. Lots of odors, moisture, temperature amplitude , steam; the necessity to hide cables and other communications that run above your head - the stretch ceilings withhold all this negativities with ease. Along with that it's surface remains unchanged within many years. It does not soak in odors, does not condense moisture,...

Stretch ceiling in the Bathroom

It is known that there is a limited number in decorating materials that can resist microclimate characterized by constant high humidity, condensate and evaporation. That is why the stretch ceiling is a finding in the bathroom decorating. The architectural fabric is mold and water resistant. Take into consideration all of the following: an extensive color palette, a possibility to print any image, install any lighting system of any design, perfect flat surface that will never crack or fade out. Glossy film...

Stretch ceilings at the office

Time is money. Office renovation shouldn’t take long. We’ve got the solution: fix all the imperfections of an old ceiling or build a brand new one with a bold new look using a state-of-the-art technology—stretch ceilings. The job can be done without moving any furniture or office appliances — and that’s not the only advantage! Brighten up your office with a glossy ceiling that reflects up to 70% of the ambient light.   Printing the logo or slogan of your company on a ceiling or walls fosters...

Stretch ceilings in medical institutions

It’s unacceptable to have mold, dust or other harmful organisms and particles building up in medical institutions — human health and life are at stake. Stretch ceilings are the smart solution for medical facilities, doctors’ offices and laboratories. Stretch ceiling fabric has all the qualities required to maintain an eco-friendly, clean, quiet, well-lit and hygienic atmosphere. Stretch ceilings are eco-friendly, do not accumulate dust, do not emit harmful substances and can be used to create a...

Stretch ceilings in hotels, restaurants and cafés

The décor in hospitality premises must live up to strict standards. Every surface, from ceiling to floor, has to maintain a fresh appearance in the face of a constant onslaught of guests and customers. Durable for the long haul, adhering to all sanitation requirements, versatile enough for any design concept and virtually maintenance-free: these are the properties of stretch ceilings. NYCeiling, Inc. offers you a technology that has several clear advantages. A beautiful, safe, economical and maintenance...

Stretch ceilings in stores, shopping centers and malls

The timeframe for the renovation of a large retail space will become shorter if you go with stretch ceiling technology from NYCeiling, Inc. Stretch ceiling material is ideal for installation in crowded public places: it has a fire certification, absorbs noises and lets designers quickly and easily zone an whole entire space and redo a floor plan. Besides that, stretch ceilings can take any shape and maintain it unchanged for their whole term of use. What’s more, they require no maintenance. All this...

Stretch ceilings in educational institutions

The selection of decorating material for lecture rooms, study rooms and studios should be performed with care and only by knowledgeable personnel. The highest standards in sanitation, acoustics and lighting can be met with stretch ceilings. Stretch ceiling material can be installed quickly and, if necessary, removed just as fast. It is antistatic, has optimal acoustic properties, absorbs harsh glares and reflects just enough ambient light for a comfortable study environment. There’s no need to remove...

Suspended ceilings in industrial facilities

Stretch ceilings are capable of improving a workplace in many ways at the same time. It is easy to hide any wires and devices behind a stretch ceiling and install as many light fixtures as required without ruining its flat surface. A stretch ceiling also increases the brightness of a room, absorbs sound waves and reduces echoing, all of which create a more comfortable work environment. The material is flame-resistant, eco-friendly and long lasting.: Installation requires less time, preparation and use of...

Airports, train stations and bus terminals

The vast spaces of airports, train stations and bus terminals are the first to greet visitors. Their design has a huge impact on what visitors are going to think about the city or town they are about to see. The first impression is the strongest and it starts right at the station. When you choose stretch ceilings for the walls and ceilings of an airport, bus terminal or train station, your visitors will appreciate and value the practical and aesthetic qualities of the material. Stretch ceilings offer a...

Warranty on stretch ceiling material

A 10-year manufacturer's warranty covers all material installed by NYCeiling, Inc.
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